Lookback on January


It is hard to believe here we are at the last day in January. January has been full of ups and downs but overall a good month.

I can't believe this was the month where this little space was created and I am so happy I took the jump! Writing on this blog makes me so happy as I can be myself! I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with you guys and thank you to whoever has read the blog in the past month.


Most of this months favourites are the same as my 2015 but there has been a few extras that I would love to tell you about

This month saw the return of Pretty Little Liars and this has to be one of my favourite TV shows. I love how they have taken the 5 year jump and that we see the characters in a different light. I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't caught up yet but it is amazing. 

I also fell in love with Charlotte Crosby's 3 minute Belly Blitz. I want to try get fit this year and so far I am failing miserably. I see January as a trial run and I keep telling myself I will start in February! I can't stick to one activity for the length of time I am exercising so Charlotte's DVD is perfect for people like me. Each round only lasts 3 minutes and Charlotte and the boys make it easy to follow. 

January also returned my love of reading. For Christmas I received Charlotte Crosby's Me Me Me, and Zoella's Girl Online on Tour. Charlotte's book made me laugh out loud as she tells the reader some of her experiences before and during Geordie Shore. I have now seen Charlotte in a different light and I love her more than I did. During the summer I loved Girl Online so I had to find out what happened with Penny and Noah. The ending surprised me and I am praying there is a third one so we can see what happens. 

This month saw me try a new perfume. I heard my friends go on about Alien so I decided to give it a go. The full size of bottle is normally around €30 but there is a shop called Equiliza that sells the perfumes but not the real deal. In my opinion they both smell the same and you wouldn't notice the difference bar from the money you save as for the 30ml it is only €14! 

Hope January was a good month for you all and I will see you soon with another blog post.

Love Erica x

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