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Hey Everyone

Here I am back again with another post but this time I wanted to do something a little different

I have just completed my college exams and I know mock examinations are fast approaching for Junior and Leaving Cert students so I wanted to post some study tips that help me get through the dreaded task.

1. Have a Daily Goal

For me personally, I have to have a goal for that day. Setting goals will encourage you to stay studying and you can't finish until these goals are carried through. You wouldn't have to know them off by heart but have a fair idea what the topic involves.

2. Spider Diagrams

I swear I don't know where I would be without these! They are perfect to just have on hand just before you walk into the exam. I am one of those people who read over everything 101 times before entering the room as I fear I will forget something vital. 

Tips for these would be... 
  • To use as much colour as possible and it helps the information stick better (Well for me anyways)
  • Keep them neat so in times of panic you can still read the notes
  • Use keywords rather than sentences so you can fit more in

3. Test Yourself
Testing yourself shows you what you actually know and what you still need to learn. Even if its just reading a paragraph and writing 5 points from it is still testing yourself. Keep doing this until you feel you know everything well enough

Night Before / Morning of Exam tips and tricks

At this stage you should know everything you need to know. As tempting as it sounds, you should finish your study early so you can relax. I love to do a face mask or have a bath the night before the exam to clear my head. An early night is also key so you can do your best!

The morning of the exam you should have a good healthy breakfast to keep you going for the day and to help avoid those awkward sound of your stomach rumbling in the middle of the exam ( yes it has happened to all of us at one point don't lie). 
Make sure to have a bottle of water, pens and a highlighter with you. Some people have things that they bring into exams with them which can be a good thing if you begin to panic. Have your diagrams in hand and you should be fine.

These are just some of the things that helped me get through my exams. Exams are horrible and nobody wants to go through them At the end of the day, all they do is test your memory nothing else. Your exam marks don't describe you as a person so don't let them take over you. After the exams go out and enjoy some time with your friends and family as you deserve it!

Love Erica x

Best of luck to anyone who is doing exams. If anyone feels they would like some more tips and tricks, feel free to email me or tweet me at @BeautyBlogBox :) 

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