Penneys, Superdrug and Boots Haul


Hey Everyone

I finished college a few hours early on Thursday and decided to do a spot of shopping, well that spot was a bit bigger than I intended. So with this happening, I decided to show you what I bought. 


I love this basic t-shirt that I bought in Penneys. It is wine in colour with a netting/mesh sleeves. It is so comfy.. I would match it with jeans or tracksuit bottoms and for only €5 its hard to beat.

As we all know, St Patrick's Day (Paddy's Day) is on Thursday
so I picked up this top just to wear out during the day. It 
cost me €6 and it is so soft. 

That is all I bought clothing wise. I also bought some cotton wool pads for removing make up for 75c and a tub of Vaseline for €1.30.

After hearing my friends going mad about this concealor I just had to try it. It is said to be high coverage so I can't wait to compare it to my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection. It cost me €4.


If you haven't noticed from this blog already I love going into Superdrug so I had to pick up a few bits when I was in.

I needed a new eye shadow brush so I thought I would give this a go. I have used it once and I am not mad on how it feels on my eyes but I will keep trying it and get back to you. 

I made it a mission that 2016 was going to be the year, I began using eye liner so I picked up this one by MUA and so far I love it. It goes on really nicely and lasts all day

I love using Barry M nail polishes and their speedy quick dry range is really good. I was watching Sophie Louise's Lush Haul on Youtube and she was wearing this colour so I bought it too. Its in the shade Eat My Dust. It cost me €5.15


My sister recommended this foundation to me so I picked it up in Boots. It was after I bought I found out that Kim Kardashian loves this foundation so all the better. It cost me €8.99 with a student ID (€9.99 without it). 

I enjoy using the Sanctuary Spa range and I love detox masks so I picked this up to try for the sachet, it was €3.99

So that is everything that I bought. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you soon.

Love Erica x

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